Honda Activa 6G


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Maansarovar Honda

It’s the year 2020 and it looks like we are already into the future. The automobile sector has witnessed a sudden surge in its growth due to impressive innovations and powerful engineering. Be it better engine or ultra-modern automobile designs, the industry is booming and is introducing more innovative machines for comfortable commuting. The term “Time is Money” is just a saying however the latest developments are reconsidering this term by turning it into a reality. In order to convert this term into a reality more powerful yet safe engines have been designed and manufactured to ensure fast commuting as compared to the past.

Honda has been recognized for being on the forefront in delivering effective solutions to uplift the common dream of making commuting fast, easy and safe. Witnessing the revolution in the automobile segment, Honda has been keeping up with the pace of all technological developments. Being known for the iconic range of Activa, Honda has introduced its latest powerful variant to the range as well, the all-new fully advanced Activa 6G.

Apart from being the people’s ultimate choice for a convenient commute, Activa has actually reshaped Indian scootering. With the introduction of the latest Activa 6G, the entire game has been upscaled. The all-new Activa 6G comes equipped with the new eSP technology supported with a host of incredible features like the revolutionary silent start, telescopic suspension, double lid external fuel fill, 12inch front wheel and 10% more mileage. This excellent piece of advanced machinery checks every box with its BS-VI engine.

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